The ozone cream OZONEK® restores the elasticity of the skin, is suitable for any skin type - for infection and allergy prone, and even disturbed skin; it smooths, cleans and regenerates it....

It has become a favourite cream for many women, who apply it on places where the skin needs smoothing, softening, cleansing...

Ozone cream wonderfully smooths and cleans the skin.

OZONEK® in the form of the ozone cream is a unique healing product made from ozone and natural BIO cold pressed olive oil.

OZONEK® is suitable even when the skin is disturbed, allergic or damaged in other ways. It speeds up the healing process of wounds, and softens scars. It contains a great amount of vitamin E. The cream quickly absorbs into the skin, without leaving a greasy residue.

OZONEK® has unique healing effects.

The effects of OZONEK® in cosmetics:

  • stretches the skin
  • has highly beneficial effects for fighting cellulite
  • speeds up skin regeneration
  • strongly detoxicates and cleans the skin
  • fights blisters and herpes
  • very effective for treating fungal deceases
  • reduces local infections
  • speeds up the metabolism and eliminates fat cells
  • successfully fights acne
  • supports blood circulation in skin
  • protects against free radicals

The cream is a concentrate. No allergic reactions to it have been observed.

For sensitive places on the skin such as the face, private parts, or when treating children or massaging, it is recommended to dilute the cream, suggested disparity is 1:10.

OZONEK® is of BIO quality a therefore we recommend to dilute it with a clear high-quality vegetable oil also in BIO quality (we recommend the BIO oils from Liyoli).

Treating scars (not fresh, in accordance with doctors orders): apply cream undiluted several times a day.

Treating local skin problems: apply undiluted.

Regeneration body lotion - use: Dilute with a 1:10 disparity, apply on the whole body, best after washing when the skin is still wet.

Applying on face:
- For normal skin cleansing treatments lasting up to 14 days do not dilute cream.
- For sensitive skin dilute the cream - disparity 1:10 (OZONEK® has strong cleansing effects that can cause the sensitive skin to redden therefore it is recommended to dilute the cream).

OZONEK® should be a part of every aid-kit.

OZONEK® is made in the CZ.

The oil has a strong scent, such as you can smell after a storm. Ozone therapy is a modern natural treatment with positive effects proved by many studies.

OZONEK® has a great number of positive references:

"For five years I have been been taking the doctor prescribed corticoids. Discovering OZONEK® (approx 2 years ago), an amazing cream, has helped me with curing my skin problems. I have not been using corticoids for over a year now." D.S. Prague

"After my surgery I was recommend to apply OZONEK® on the cutenous scars. I had no idea that the scar would heal so quickly. I therefore highly recommend it." K.J. Prague

"In the evenings after cleaning my face, I apply OZONEK® while the skin is still wet. I repeat this process for every night for 14 days. The skin is clean and looks visibly better, softer and fresh. I do this 3 times a year. When I don't use OZONEK® I use vegetable oils :-))"

"I have been using it for 3 year, on wounds, scratches, on legs to get rid of cellulite, everything heals faster. I love that it is a natural product."

The information provided on the page do not serve as instructions. If you are suffering from skin deceases consult your doctor or pharmacist.